Safety Notices

Safety Notices

B-AGILE Quality Initiative

What is the issue and what is Britax doing about it?

In the United States there has been a very small number of incidents where parents have reported finger lacerations when folding the B-Agile 3 pushchair.

Even though there were very few reported incidents and none of them outside of the United States, Britax as a global and responsible company has decided to offer a solution for improvement of the B-Agile products to retailers and consumers in Europe, too.

Britax has produced a remedy kit that parents can order for free via a dedicated website to modify their product themselves.

Are the products still safe to use?

The pushchairs can be safely used if the user guide instructions are followed, i.e. after sliding up and depressing the fold release button, you remove your hands from the frame as you pull up the pushchair release strap. To view the video on how to safely fold the pushchair visit B-AGILE 3 - youtube.

What is a remedy kit?

A remedy kit includes two hinge (four plastic parts) covers that are designed to cover the pushchair frame gap that occurs above and below the folding hinge as the pushchair folds, and an instruction sheet for installing the covers. There are also cleaning pads for preparation of the plastic surfaces on the pushchairs included.

Can I install it myself and how does it work?

Yes, the remedy kits come with easy to follow instructions which can be performed without any training requirements.

Where do I get further information?

For further information please contact customer service or your local retailer.

Which products are affected? How do I recognize if my product needs a hinge cover kit?

Your product is affected

Hinge covers necessary. Follow below instructions.
Your product is not affected

Hinge covers already on - no action needed.



Where can I order the remedy kit?

If you need further help then please do get in touch with our expert team: