Our child safety products have been loved by parents and recognized with more than 2,075 safety, design and consumer awards since 1966. From consumer organizations and tier-one media outlets to leading design groups and crowd-sourced awards, Britax Römer’s products continuously get noticed for their superior quality, comfort and safety. We are so proud to protect millions of children on the road each day with products that are loved for so many reasons.

LOVED for Safety

At Britax Römer, maintaining the highest safety standard possible is in our company DNA. That’s why we’ve pioneered in-house dynamic testing and operate three world class crash-test facilities for car seats across three continents. We are loved all over the world for the safety of our products and for protecting what matters most. Our strong heritage as an automotive supplier has led to our superior engineering qualities. Britax Römer car seats undergo some of the most rigorous external and internal testing in the industry.

LOVED for Design

Britax Römer has repeatedly been recognized for its beautiful product designs with prestigious design awards such as the Red Dot Design Award and the IF Design Award. Our products are known for their combination of form and function, resulting in simple, sleek shells and beautiful fabrics, colors and styles. Britax also designs and manufactures car seats for leading car brands such as Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo and Volkswagen.

LOVED by Nature

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality products to our customers, going beyond legal standards for purity and cleanliness. From rigorous independent testing at multiple stages during the manufacturing process to the quality control standards we set for every partner we work with. Britax Römer’s chemical and mechanical testing for components and fabrics include regulatory guidelines and our own often stricter standards that the quality of our products must adhere to. We are voluntarily committed to surpassing legislative requirements on chemicals such as phthalate, PAH, formaldehyde and phenolic compounds in our car seats and pushchairs.