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Britax bike seats9kg - 22kg(9 months ~ 5 years)
74,5 cm - 83,5 cm38 cm47 cm5,6 kg


To ensure that children are well protected on a bike ride, we have developed the BRITAX JOCKEY bike seats with their safety in mind. Our bike seats meet the latest European Standard DIN EN 14344 for the TÜV/GS Test. The extra large spoke cover is an integral part of the bike seat and prevents the childs legs from getting caught in the wheel spokes, therefore reducing the risk of injury. The backrest adjustment is operated single-handedly, allowing the user to easily change the seat position from upright to reclined. Children can sit back comfortably and enjoy the ride. JOCKEY Comfort also features a height-adjustable headrest that can move up and down to suit the childs height, without the need to unthread the harness shoulder straps.

The BRITAX JOCKEY is suitable for touring and sports bicycles of the size 26 and 28 with a tube diameter of 28 to 40mm and a luggage carrier width of up to 150mm. The saddle tube has to be round.

Please note the following regardless of the minimum weight:

  • Your child must be able to sit securely on his or her own to ride in a bicycle child seat.
  • Please check from time to time to see if your child still falls below the upper weight limit.
  • Children under 7 years old may only be transported on the bicycle by persons older than 16 years old.

Product Features:
Extra large integral spoke cover minimises risk of injury
Single-handed backrest adjustment to easily change from upright to reclined position
Single-handed headrest adjustment with 9 height positions

Fitting to the bike

  • Forward facing
  • At the rear of the saddle tube
  • Behind the rider
  • With hollow hexagon wrench (size 5) and open end wrench (size 13)

Suitable for

  • Touring bike
  • Sports bike
  • Wheel sizes 26 and 28
  • Tube diameter 28 to 40 mm
  • Bike with a luggage carrier width up to 150 mm
  • Round saddle tube